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Spare Parts

4L Secretion Bottle Nozzle

This part allows tubing to be connected to the lid of a 4-liter secretion bottle. It is a replacement for when the original nozzle on the lid breaks off or becomes damaged.

Bed Net Connector

This part is used to connect the frame of a bed net together. This part serves as a replacement for a broken or missing bed net connector.

Centrifuge Hinge

This part can be easily attached to the base of a centrifuge to connect it to the lid cover. It can be used as a replacement for a damaged centrifuge hinge. 

Digital BPM Air Tube Connector

This part ensures a proper connection between the internal and external air flow in a digital blood pressure monitor. It serves as a replacement for the original connector piece which can be found inside the device.

Digital BPM Cuff Connector

This part connects the external air tube to the internal air tube on a digital blood pressure monitor. It replaces a broken or lost part found on the outside of the device.

Finger Clamp Pulse Oximeter

This part serves as a protective casing for the electronics inside a finger clamp used to record a patient’s vitals. It is a replacement for the original plastic housing.

Incubator Door Latch

This part attaches to an incubator and allows the door to be easily opened and closed. It serves as a replacement for the original latch if it becomes damaged or lost.

Incubator Door Snap

This spare part is used to hold incubator door firmly in place when closed. It can be used to help support a loose incubator door or a damaged incubator door snap. 

Overflow Cup

This part attaches to the lid of a secretion jar and prevents the liquid inside from overflowing by sealing the inlet. It is a replacement for the original overflow cup that comes with the lid.

Suction Bottle Top

This part covers a suction bottle and has a nozzle that allows a tube to be connected to it. It is a replacement for when the original lid becomes damaged or lost.

Tubing Holder

This part holds medical tubing securely in place. It features three tubing clamps of various sizes as well as an adjustable pole clamp that can be attached to any rod or pole commonly found in a hospital setting.

Therapy Education

ADL Board

Occupational therapy tool used to practice activities of daily living. This board can be hung from the wall and can be customized to the activity needs of the patient.

Assistive Match Striker

Assistive device used to strike matches with one hand. Device can be place over the edge of a counter of table. Match box is inserted into the box at the right end, while the patient uses pressure with the hip to hold the device in place.


Assessment tool used to measure the range of motion for large joints like elbows, knees, shoulders, hips, and ankles. Can be made smaller to assess finger and wrist joints.

Texture Board

Sensory tool used to generate different sensations for patients to feel. Nine different textures are included on one board. Lightweight and portable.

Two-Finger Brace

Finger brace that is delivered flat. Wings can be dipped in hot water and formed to the patient’s hand. Wings allow for customizability and comfort.

Writing Aid / Pencil Gripper

Assistive device used to hold fingers in the correct gripping position with writing. A pencil is placed through the middle of the ball and fingers are placed into attachments at the appropriate angle.


Urea DAP Scoop

This part is a custom dual-end measuring scoop for fertilizer additives, Urea and DAP. The dual ends are specified amounts for their respective additive. This design allows for easy measurement of two fertilizer additives.

Well Cap

A custom cap to cover newly-made wells. The cap protects the well from contamination and pests, while allowing easy access into the well when necessary.

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