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Want to work with a cool company that’s disrupting a global market?

Whether it is engineering, manufacturing operations, or operational support, Kijenzi is always looking for others with a passion for local capacity building and supporting those who work for the public good. If you think that you have skills that we need, please reach out.

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Want to support the scale of profitable, localized manufacturing around the world?

Kijenzi is getting ready to take its next big leap forward and we are looking for partners who share our passions. If you think you have the resources that can help us scale, please reach out.

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Want to design products that impact the world?

Kijenzi has a dedicated engineering team in State College, PA, but we engage with designers from all around the world. Whether it is through design challenges or dedicated support, this is an opportunity to put your talents to work and make products that serve the public good. If you think you have the skills to help us build our catalog, please reach out.

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Want to support the future of manufacturing for lower- and middle-income countries?

Help Kijenzi achieve its mission step by step by giving to help us get established. There are lots of great opportunities to support our social venture. If you love what we do, please consider giving.


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