COVID-19 Response: Kijenzi is playing a key role in the manufacturing response to COVID-19

While we know people are hurting all over, the already fragile healthcare systems in some parts of Kenya are about to get overwhelmed by the need for supplies. Kijenzi needs your help to be part of the solution. Please consider giving using the donation button on this page.

Kijenzi is part of the manufacturing response to the COVID-19 outbreak for western Kenya, working closely with international crisis response teams as well as the maker community in the US. In the next 3 months we will be making items that hospitals and institutions will need in large numbers (PPE, touchless door openers, ventilator parts, wash stations, etc.). We are making and delivering parts in a clean environment when necessary so that healthcare can use them without contamination.

In the following 3-18 months Kijenzi will focus on getting spares to healthcare facilities and other institutions that no longer have a strong supply chain and have their medical equipment overwhelmed. This is and was the core of the Kijenzi business model, it is just that the need and speed have accelerated considerably. We are moving at lightspeed with a team of about a dozen in the US and Kenya.