We could really use your help to get this new social venture off the ground. Help us grow to help more people, more quickly.

Nearly 50% of medical equipment needed for basic and critical care in developing world hospitals doesn’t work, with a third just needing spare parts that never come. The average rural health facility stocks about 60% of what they need to treat their patients. How can hospitals treat all of their patients with only half of the supplies?

Kijenzi uses 3D printing to inexpensively create supply chains where they don’t exist, enabling rapid, life-saving repairs to put medical equipment back to work.
We enable localized manufacturing of the items that hospitals, schools, and humanitarian organizations need but cannot get. We help institutions doing the public good serve more people and we create capacity and capability where it doesn’t exist.

  • $50 – allows us to visit another hospital in rural Kenya to learn their needs
  • $250 – buys enough plastic filament to manufacture 160 parts, plus we will send one to you
  • $1,000 – pays travel for one of our US engineers to work with our engineers in Kenya
  • $2,000 – allows us to engineer a new item for a hospital in need, and send you one (along with a photo of the first time it’s used) when it’s done
  • $5,000 – buys another printer allowing us to make 250 more parts a year and you get to name it; we will send you a photo
  • $150,000 – buys the farm! This sets up an entire farm and pays for one year of its operation. We will make over 15,000 parts for hospitals in western Kenya at this facility each year. We would love to have you there for the ribbon cutting!
  • $250,000 – lets us hire on the startup team we need this year by covering salaries for the entire team in the US and Kenya (luckily most of us are not taking salary this year).
  • $500,000 – fills our catalog with parts for the next two years, you will get a photo and update as each new part is complete
  • $1 million – pays for everything we need to do over the next two years to prove the profitability and marketability of Kijenzi, want to come work with us in Kenya?

Thank you,

The Kijenzi Team